The ideal supplement for progressive lenses!

Brand name progressive lenses by R+H are true all-rounders for crystal clear vision at near and far distances. Focusing the eyes on nearby objects, e.g. when using a smartphone or tablet, is particularly challenging on your eyes.

Near & intermediate vision lenses are the perfect supplement for your progressive lenses and help you read small fonts and see smallest details as usually found on computer and smartphone screens.

For a wide field of vision and ergonomic posture

Do you tilt your head back to see what’s on your monitor clearly? Do you feel exhausted when working on your tablet, laptop or computer for a longer time? Do your eyes get tired, e.g. when doing handicrafts or other hobbies involving close-up work? Near and intermediate vision lenses are the perfect solution for these situations, allowing you to regain sharp vision and enjoy your work and leisure activities again.

 This makes them the ideal supplement to your progressive spectacles.

Perfect solution for any distance

Your choice

Select the appropriate near and intermediate vision lenses to suit your individual requirements and personal usage behaviour.

  • Up to 1 metre viewing distance:
    or frequent, focused work at close range
  • Up to 2 metres viewing distance:
    for a perfect overview of large workspaces
  • Up to 4 metres viewing distance:
    for dynamic activities and moving safely around the room

Good sight up to 1 metre


  • For focused work at near and extended near distance, e.g. working at a computer screen, talking to colleagues and customers
  • When using large or multiple screens
  • For a good overview of your desk, workbench or similar

Good sight up to 2 metres


  • For a good overview of larger workspaces
  • For a good overview of the room during mainly static activities
  • Ideal for activities such as cooking, handicrafts or making music

Good sight up to 4 metres


  • For dynamic fields of work, e.g. in retail trade
  • For variable workspaces, including computer work

Natural, ergonomic posture

Near and intermediate vision lenses have been specifically designed for close-up work. They ensure your posture is relaxed and your eyes and body are still fit for leisure or sports activities even after a long day at work.

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